serene #4


limited edition autumn show case

an exclusive collection of recent demos aimed at promoting some of the latest music projects which have evolved from the core bands of a very special late 90's scene, in the punk rock capital of the world...

track listing

01. 94th... | bobby bullets | recorded & mixed by sean tuohy in chelmsford
02. fjords | crash arcade | recorded & mixed by ed dAnn in london
03. lost & found | three, two, one, go! | recorded & mixed by john harvey in chelmsford
04. robot fights anyone | frozen robots | recorded & mixed by neil robinson & rich fuller in colchester
05. whatever happened to the rubiks cube? | beans on toast | recorded & mixed by jay mcallister in london
06. never ever felt like this | lloyd | sequenced & mixed by chris saunders in braintree

© schizoacoustic 2007

featuring ex-members of... angel cake, automation, beat kerfew, capitol hill, glue, jellicoe, no claims bonus, seymore happy, the concorde agreement, the janet theory, the x-rays, union kid & waster
__mastered by jeff mortimer
__artwork by ed dAnn
__photography by gina susan putt
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